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Designer Flooring

We create, manufacture and supply a beautiful collection of designer flooring. Easy to clean and hard-wearing, it adds a little luxury to your home. There is a mix of contemporary designs, unique styles and workmanship. The Vinyl Flooring is perfect to transform your space. Also, we offer a broad array of patterns and color choices to suit everyone's need.

Commercial Flooring

Our commercial flooring range is outstanding in terms of design, utility and durability. It is ideal for a variety of modern commercial environments. Hard-wearing, easy to install and maintain, our commercial flooring brings excellent results. With our broad and cost-effective collection we help designers, contractors and architects etc. Also we keep up with industry-specific flooring.

Homogeneous Flooring

We offer a range of Homogeneous Flooring that shows depth of color and vibrancy. Our vinyl floors are perfect in terms of durability, maintenance & versatility. We have a great flooring choice, and our prices are reasonable too. Long-lasting and stain resistant, the flooring is ideal for different environments. It is attractive, qualitative, uniform and high performance flooring.

Embossed Anti Slip Flooring

With excellent traction for busy areas, our Embossed Anti Slip Flooring is perfect for handling heavy traffic. It represents a perfect mix of good traction and extended wear ability. Also, we keep up with various attractive designs and commercial grades. Our vinyl flooring is known for shock absorbing, sound absorbing and slip resistant nature. They are designed for improved walking comfort.

PVC Flooring Planks

Our PVC Flooring Planks offer a mix of natural beauty, superior material and unique craftsmanship. They are just complete for your home, and other areas. Also they help create fast and easy floors. There are lively colors, patterns and textures that add beauty to any area. The floor planks are resistant to scratches and easy to clean. They are designed for structural strength as well as durability.

Printed Vinyl Floorings

We offer an economical and effective range of Printed Flooring. The range covers a spectrum of designs and colors. Our Vinyl Flooring is great for beautification of floors in an aesthetic way. We have modern digital printing technology to create impressive visuals. Also, the flooring is tough, easy to clean, durable and stylish. Designed to be simply beautiful, they are appropriate for your home.

Flooring Tiles

Easy to install & maintain, our flooring tiles are perfect for homeowners. They are stylish, durable and cost-effective in nature. Also, we use advanced technology to create realistic designs and textures. Our vinyl floor tiles can be installed in any area. Simple to clean, they are outstanding for kitchens and bathrooms etc. They have the ability to transform any space.

Knit Fabric

We offer a range of Knit Fabrics that are more flexible and durable in nature. Hence they are ideal for multiple uses. We offer a variety of fabrics in many colors and textures to suit your next project. The Knitted Fabrics are easy to sew, comfortable and travel fairly. Also, we make available these materials at affordable prices.

Coated Fabric

We are offering Coated Fabrics for a variety of industries. These are available in different colors and patterns to suit your application. High durability and reliability are the prominent features of our fabrics. Our offered fabrics are perfect in terms of material, coating weight, texture, thickness and specification. Made with world-class technology, these are suited for many commercial and industrial use.

Seating Components

We have a complete range of Seating Components, which is suitable for many latest specialty projects. The components are designed to increase the rigidity and comfort both. With the help of advanced manufacture technology, best grade material and expertise, we help you in your seating projects. Reduced weight, easy use and durability are the key features of our Seats Components.

Transport Flooring

We offer a perfect collection of Transport Flooring with a wide range of design & color options. They are known for excellent slip resistance, abrasion resistance and durability. Also, the flooring matches all the industrial standards and global quality requirements. Primarily utilized as transport flooring, it can also be used in several other areas. We work to deliver unique and application-specific flooring solutions. 

 We are looking for large / bulk inquiries only and the minimum order quantity is 500 square meter.